Company Profile


At Roberts Roofing we do what’s necessary to insure that each project we perform is the best. It’s all about customer satisfaction and maintaining our reputation as Northwest Missouri’s leader in the roofing business. Skilled work is performed by our factory trained technicians with assistance from apprentice laborers when needed. Roberts Roofing utilizes a daily “checks and balance” system allowing our foremen to insure a quality job is being performed. Warranted work is inspected by a manufacturer’s inspector and graded using a 1-10 scale. Roberts Roofing has received 10’s on 95% of all warranty inspections and the 5% who didn’t receive 10’s were worked on until they achieved a 10. Quality work – it’s what we have built our reputation on and it’s what we live by today.


At Roberts Roofing we recognize our most valuable asset is our employee. We have established an extensive safety program that works, and we have the safety record to prove it. Monthly seminars are held for all Roberts Roofing employees by one of our three safety program coordinators. Weekly “Toolbox” talks are held in each division performed by the division administrator, while being observed by one of the safety coordinators. It’s all about developing and maintaining a good safety attitude before the job starts. In the field on the job site, we perform pre-job start up inspections for potential safety hazards. All preventative measures are taken to insure the safety of Roberts Roofing employees as well as the building occupants. Job knowledge, safety techniques, and pre–job preparation set up, safety work practices that keep our team on your project doing the best job possible.


Roberts Roofing provides a variety of insurance policies for the protection of our employees and our customers. Certificates of insurance are available to our customers upon request and include; general liability, automobile liability, umbrella liability coverage, workmen’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance.